Since I was a kid I enjoyed working with metals in my dad’s workshop

“The good thing about my work is you can make your customers happy. This is my goal because when I ride my bike I’m happy, you know?

I’m a framebuilder, why? Because I want to ride good bicycles. I always want something better in everything I do.”

“It all started with the first steel track bikes. Only Columbus steel. It’s on those that I insisted with the stubbornness I got from years and years of skateboarding (and asphalt too).

Now I love and respect deeply every aspect of cycling, and I build frames for all of the purest disciplines.”


Gino Lissignoli

“When I started to make frames, I understood that I couldn’t make anything without a master. So I went to a shop close to my home and I met Gino Lissignoli.

I asked him for some tubes and he said to me, “you want to make frames, are you crazy?” He told me I will be your master, and we did the first frame together. Gino was incredible with me, so yes, this was the beginning.”

Tiziano Zullo

“I had a great relationship with Zullo, so I asked him if I could come and help.

This was great because we worked two years together and started a really good friendship. We made polenta in the workshop and drank wine in the morning…we did a lot of funny things.”

Dario Pegoretti

“Dario was a star, more famous in this new wave of framebuilding.

I called Dario, and asked if I could come to stay, to see a day in the life of a real framebuilder.

He taught me a lot of stuff and when I came back, I came back with energy.”

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