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Since I was a little kid I enjoyed working with metals in my dad’s workshop
My name is Mattia Paganotti. I am a framebuilder.

Legor Cicli

My grandfather Mimi, who used to help me fixing my bike, gave me the enthusiasm for cycling. My Grandma Delfina’s brothers were two passionate pistards, in fact they used to steal money from her pocket to go riding in the Vigorelli velodrome.

In addition, two cousins of my grandma were skilled framebuilders in the 40s who worked in the golden years for F.B. and Campagnolo

In 2008, as I started riding track bikes, I began to attend to workshops of my town’s framebuilders, and then I became passionate about this job.

Gino Lissignoli, first master

We traded the first framebuilding lesson for a repair of his lathe.

I had no idea how to do it, but somehow I did it.

Pietro Serena

I met his wife right after his death, she left me all his tools instead of selling them away.

I’ve learnt a lot with those tools

Tiziano Zullo

Working by his side for two years was a great luck.

He also welded me and my wife Franka at our wedding. What Zullo welds can’t be split.

Dario Pegoretti

When I met Dario at NAHBS 2011 I realised about his vast knowledge.

We used to advice each other, but I’m still stoked when I see his work.

Handmade custom bicycles of any kind…

It all started with the first steel track bikes. Only Columbus steel. It’s on those that I insisted with the stubborness I got from years and years of skateboarding (and asphalt too…). Now I love and respect deeply every aspect of cycling, and I build frames for all of the purest disciplines.




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The Perfect Job

“Sono Mattia Paganotti, vengo da Brescia, vivo a Barcellona e faccio il telaista”

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