Handmade steel bikes
built in Barcelona

My name is Mattia Paganotti,
and I’m a framebuilder

My grandfather Mimi, who used to help me fix my bike, gave me the enthusiasm for cycling. My Grandma Delfina’s brothers were two passionate pistards, in fact, they used to steal money from her pocket to go riding in the Vigorelli velodrome.

In addition, two cousins of my grandma were skilled framebuilders in the 40s who worked in the golden years for F.B. and Campagnolo.

In 2008, as I started riding track bikes, I began to attend workshops of my town’s framebuilders, and then I became passionate about this job.


Every Legor Cicli frame is made out of a master choice of special Columbus tubing. Fully bespoke and custom made, from geometry to paint job, and working closely with Enve and Chris King.